Shenango Channel Pt. 2

I decided to speak to individuals in and outside of the field of science to gain a better understanding of the the difference in opinions on citizen science. Would experts be more skeptical of citizen science because of their extensive training? I was especially interested in the in this element of authority and expertise, as … Continue reading Shenango Channel Pt. 2


The Possibility of Islands: A scenario for post-tsunami Tokyo

I wanted to respond to the work done by Manar Moursi titled The Possibility of Islands because it was one of the few pieces in the Miller Gallery I felt best represented a speculated future. I think Moursi does a really good job at visualizing a possible future. I feel Moursi could have done a … Continue reading The Possibility of Islands: A scenario for post-tsunami Tokyo

Shenango Channel

Shenango Channel is no doubt a great example of citizen science at work. It captures a huge amount of data and makes what was previously invisible to many extremely visible, but I do have some questions regarding it’s efficacy in empowering people. There’s quite a bit of complexity when trying to understand air pollution. A … Continue reading Shenango Channel

Energy and Co-Designing Communities (ECDC) and the Energy Babble

A Review Linna Griffin The Energy and Co-Designing Communities (ECDC) project is a program aimed at educating the public about energy consumption and waste and create a national dialogue about the subject. In this way, the ECDC is an exploration into how the UK can reduce their energy consumption by 80%. To accomplish this, Goldsmiths … Continue reading Energy and Co-Designing Communities (ECDC) and the Energy Babble

Climactic:Post Normal Design Exhibit Project

  Class Project Description: Post-Critical Design These projects were developed over a course of 4 weeks in Fall 2016 semester for Speculative Critical Design class run by Deepa Butoliya at School of Design, CMU. Rationale: Speculative Critical Design (SCD) helps us question the role objects and systems play in everyday life. A contemporary criticism of … Continue reading Climactic:Post Normal Design Exhibit Project

Tonkenwise & Malpass – Defining SCD

In this week's reading, we were provided two viewpoints to examine critique of speculative and critical design, both of which clearly see value in the practice, but have reservations about how the discipline is practiced, communicated to the public, and semantically categorized. Cameron Tonkenwise, in his piece Just Design: Being Dogmatic about Defining Speculative Critical Design Future Fiction, offers … Continue reading Tonkenwise & Malpass – Defining SCD