Response to Cameron’s Visit

I wanted to react to Cameron’s three reasons for why he is so vocal, or so critical, about Speculative Critical Design.


White male attitudes


For me, as a white male, I feel as though I am the last person to be contributing to a field that focuses on themes such as gender and race. I understand that Cameron is trying to use his current state to his advantage and to vocalize the need for designers to be practicing Speculative Critical Design. But I ask, at what point are white men no longer aiding the field, but actually stifling it?


Part of the game of academia


I did not fully understand what Cameron meant by Part of the game of academia. I can guess what he meant, but I would appreciate some clarity.


Dunne and Raby didn’t realize what they created
I think this reason resonated with me the most because I find that much of Dunne and Raby’s work misses the whole point of why designers should do Speculative Critical Design. I really think they neglect to depict future scenarios in the most realistic way possible. Cameron should start an in-person debate over Speculative Critical Design with Dunne and Raby! I am disappointed that so far the dialogue has been, of all places, only on twitter!


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