younited Micro Kingdoms

I focused on the United Micro Kingdoms project. I was interested in this imagined future because it seemed to take one aspect of a culture and push it to the extreme. The assertion here is that the way the community uses science or technology is tied together with the beliefs of the community. Each communities use of sci/tech had both benefits and drawbacks that nearly balanced out. I would have liked to see a community that brings bikes to their logical conclusion.

The graphic and physical elements of the project are ambiguously connect to the written explanation. The website didn’t make it particularly easy for me to access their projects. The text is hidden behind a button, and the images are thumbnails who expand to push other content below the fold. Between this and the website design, I think part of Dunne and Raby’s strategy is to intentionally create a work that will be misunderstood. Personally this bothers me, but I can appreciate the possible benefits of this strategy. It allows the viewer to bring their own experiences and beliefs into the concept to fill in the portions that the viewer misunderstands. In this way, the individual viewer is almost more engaged because the are forced to process the work more.

Dunne & Raby: United Micro Kingdoms


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