School of Constructed Realities, 2014


School of Constructed Realities, 2014

The Dunne and Raby School of Constructed Realities really intrigued me because it seemed to sum up the basic concept of what Speculative (Post) Critical Design is kind of about. This project makes the viewer question if this “school” could very well exist in our current “reality”, while simultaneously think the idea of this possible school is a critique or comment on how people currently view the world in design. The idea of real realities, unreal realities, real unrealities, and unreal unrealities reminds me of a similar concept we talked about in studio, of “known-known, unknown-known, known-unknown, and unknown-unknown” knowledge. In this, there exists knowledge that we don’t know we don’t know (unknown-unknown) and therefore there may in fact be a way of living that we are unconscious of (unreal realities). And if the problems we have in society today are understood in the context of the society we live in, they are still confined in the reality that continues to perpetuate those problems. I think Dunne and Raby are suggesting that sometimes in order to think of a better future, we need to stop thinking how to improve what we have now, and instead open our minds to explore possibilities that don’t yet exist, aren’t based in current design, or are unrealistic.


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