After Life Euthanasia device, 2009


One of the projects that took my attention was the ‘after life euthanasia device’ designed in 2009. The Euthanasia Device is for persons whose partners have passed away and who are deciding to end their lives as well. By ‘using’ the energy from their partners, the battery will start working, filling a room with carbon dioxide. The approach of this design is provocative, since practicing euthanasia is illegal and a taboo topic to talk about in most countries. By addressing an issue that is taboo or not yet understood by a large audience of people, this design can be considered as speculative design. In fact, the issue addressed is actual within today’s society where trends like ageing and overpopulation occur. We can reach ages of hundred years, yet the improvement of our quality of life stagnates. I believe that we, as designers, have not yet understood this upcoming problem, being inexperienced to ageing. When talking about ageing people aim to live healthy and independent. However, we have not considered what happens when mental and physical health is not guaranteed. I believe this battery is designed in a humanistic and appealing way to show people the possibilities the future holds. The focus on an appealing aesthetics and bonding between partners engages more with people’s mind-sets today and does not shock the audience with inhumane tools to practice euthanasia with.

Euthanasia device


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