Speculative (Post) Critical Design CMU 2016



About The Course

Welcome to the blog of the ‘Speculative Critical Design ’ course at Carnegie Mellon University. The course is taught by Deepa Butoliya and populated by students from the Carnegie Mellon University taking the course.

This course in based on the study and praxis of a design known as critical design and speculative design.  Speculative and critical design practice has evolved over past two decades through artifacts produced by several practitioners and discourse produced by prominent academics. This field has established itself as a critical and reflexive practice in design and continues to evolve in different dimensions. However, this space is changing, questioned, critiqued and also problematised. We will look at the history and theory of this course and current criticisms of the field. We will actively engage  via discussions about the current undertakings of this practice by reflecting on assigned selective readings and embodying those critiques and alternate perspectives through critical making, prototyping, and storytelling.  We wish to explore the notion of Post-criticality in Speculative critical design and how can we push the boundaries of the field by embodying the critique and producing various artifacts that generate debate and provokes beyond the basic tenets of this practice. The course is tied to an exhibition called Climactic : Post Normal Design exhibited at the miller gallery at CMU during this course where students would also exhibit their artifacts that embody the alternative discourse.


Instructor: Deepa Butoliya (dbutoliya@cmu.edu)

Class hours:  Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00 am – 1:30 pm

Class Location: MM 107, School of Design, Carnegie Mellon university

Office hours : by request. Please email the instructor

Office Location: MM 207 A, Ph.D. office.